Viktor E Frankl


During an evolution walk with Yuri, I learned that you can only experience the ultimate manifestation of being human when your choices and decisions are completely in line with what you think, feel and say.
The path to this beatific state of consciousness is through (re) discovering your inner and pure self. With his knowledge of ancient traditions, the wisdom of life, rituals and insights into the energetic connections with the elements and our environment, Yuri has helped me to live life more consciously and enjoy it… every day.
Yuri, I am eternally grateful to you for what feels like a rebirth.

In Munay

Wim W.

With Yuri as a guide, I have come to insights that have smoothed my path to enlightenment and inspiration.
Yuri is human in all appearances. Man, father, master, spiritual leader, child,… always connected with everything and the in- and the visible world.
Through his ability to sense what is needed at the moment, he uses his knowledge and rituals to guide you and the group on the way to your inner home.

Zoe VdT.

Yuri combines a broad knowledge of universal symbolism with deep empathy for your personal situation and state of mind.
Furthermore, he has an arsenal of ancient rituals that energetically guide your transformation.
With Yuri as a guide, I have come to insights that have smoothed my path to enlightenment and inspiration.

David G.

I was lucky enough to be able to participate in a full week guided by Yuri.
That way I could attend sweat lodges and fire ceremonies, as well as experience his presence within the in-depth group process.
I experience Yuri as a combination of strength and sensitivity, he knows how to give the right words to the things that happen.
I share with Yuri the love for nature that provides the basis for all our wisdom, which created a sense of brotherhood.
He knows what is needed at what time to take important steps in the processes that present themselves.
This happened to me, and I saw him do it to others.

Klaas B.

The search for yourself and the essence of life is one with mountains and valleys and many unexpected turns.
Yuri is a great guide on this tour.
If you can allow that, your way will become magical.
The places he took me are of such a profound beauty that I could never imagine that they existed, let alone be reached.
I wish this to everyone.

Patrick F.

With his capacities / his unique gift, Yuri took me on a journey to unknown places ...
He made me feel, show and experience what it is, what it feels like when you pursue your own truth. When you find yourself and you look yourself right in the eyes and know that only that is right for you!
That you are solely responsible for yourself, your own story, your own healing, your own beliefs ...
Deep bow and very grateful that this man is on my path, that he has walked this piece together with me ...
It is priceless what he can do, who he is ... And he makes it clear that we are all! Priceless! We are unique, there is no one like me, there is no one like you ...

I can recommend it to anyone to surf with his energy ... only if you really dare to SEE yourself ... then you are at the right place with this man.
Until the next trip dear man, I trust you with all my heart as a pilot.
I felt safe and supported by a higher force, a force that is new to me and that still needs to integrate...
To be continued…
Until my next trip ...


Mira S.

By coincidence, a meeting with Yuri at a crucial moment in my life resulted in a "life-changing" experience.
I learned from this that nothing is a coincidence, that we are all one and that you can connect to your authentic self to grow to your highest consciousness.
In it, you will find balance and inner peace, the things we are all so craving for.
Yuri assists me as a friend, coach, and mentor without any judgment, in complete freedom, and from out of enormous wisdom and knowing, unconditional.

I learned to accept the challenges that life gives me, not from fear but from out of love. Not by holding on to the familiar but by letting go and being carried away with the flow.
"Trust the process"

Burnout, depression, heartache, guilt, ... find the way back to your heart. It is the way you once knew but forgot.
All the knowledge you need to deal with these challenges is there for you ...

Is it easy? No
Is it worth the trip? ABSOLUTELY

Great courage and success in the search for yourself.
With Yuri by your side, you are in golden hands :)


Katrien VH.

A few days before, I came back from a very deep, intensive and healing journey with Yuri.
We traveled through family dramas, personal handicaps and got in a deep, warm and grounded healing energy.
We reached unknown rooms, dived very deep into energies and came out with the wonderful confidence, to be on the healing way.
It was only possible to go so far into the unknown energy because I trust Yuri by hundred percent and I felt so safe in all his powerful rituals.
Thank you Yuri


Matthias P.

Everything is energy.
This means that everything is feeling and sometimes invisible. Aligning on that flow is what Yuri does and where he accompanies me.
In this way, I arrive at my core, at the place where everything comes together and is connected.
He does this by guiding me in contact with the luminous energy field, my own nature, through rituals: water, air, earth, and fire.
At these rituals, I feel that something is happening deep inside.
Yuri brings my head into connection with my heart.
He brings heart connectivity: the connection with myself and with the world around me.
He guides me to a different level of consciousness so that, as a coach, I can also take others to that awareness.
The core of all this is Love, a warm connection, a "wholeness" from which I want to be in the world.
Grateful that he has come my way to guide me at any time I feel lost.

Cathérine D.

During the rituals that Yuri guides, I feel rooted in a kind of existential layer where energy starts to flow.


Trees D.

I got to know my dear colleague Yuri De Keuster, as an outstanding healer.
His integrity and his attitude of being of service at all times make him outstanding.
The workshops for energy medicine, we`ve done together
in Germany in June, September and November 2018 were very successful.
Yuri's performance was extremely empathetic – it was amazing to observe his talent to sense the not spoken and to direct dense energy into transformation.
In the context of the workshops, Yuri guided fire ceremonies and rituals,
which had an astounding impact on all participants.
He was so deeply connected, that everybody was able to get in touch with the transforming divine energy of the fire.
I can sincerely recommend Yuri as a very professional and committed energy guide.


In Munay


Birgit Käufl

Energie & Balance

Shamanic energetic healing

Bad Tölz / Germany


When thinking no longer has the solution, the time has come to go beyond words.
To just feel and experience. That's where Yuri's power is.
By staying close to himself in connection with you, he helps you to understand what is going on and what really is essential for you.
With the necessary orientation and grounding, so that his guidance does not get woolly at all.
My internal compass tells me at regular intervals that it is time to call Yuri.
Sometimes I have a question, sometimes I do not, but he always reconnects to the process that is happening to me, and he just brings in the intervention that I need at that moment.
And then I can continue alone.


Jan D.

Yuri is a healer; in a shamanistic way he can, among other things, bring old traumas to the surface to heal them.
For healing at that level, I would be willing to take the plane to receive them anywhere in the world.
Give yourself this profound experience!
It will empower your growth process!


An R.

Rarely has something such a transformative effect on me as what I have experienced in recent days.
Today everything works on a deeper level.
For the first time in a long time, there is peace in my head.
I am incredibly receptive to the beauty of life.
The conversations I had today, both private and professional, were conversations from soul to soul.
You feel flawless what is needed. You hold the space for transformation to happen.
Thank you for letting me know you.
Thank you for letting me be who I am.


Jan B.